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Ecuadorian Women – How to Date a Sexy Girl From Ecuador

by Sean
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Teeming with natural beauty, dotted by the Galapagos archipelago, and sheltered under the canopy of the Amazon Forest, Ecuador is an inexplicably awe-inspiring Latin American country. What is equally exotic about the place is its beautiful Ecuadorian women, who are also emotionally strong, family-dedicated, and romantic lovers.

Ecuadorian women may be more reserved than women in European, American, or even Peruvian states, but they are equally warm, polite, and responsible. Dating Ecuadorian women is very different from dating a Peruvian or Colombian woman. Here is a complete guide to dating the women in Ecuador. Whether you are looking for a life partner or a serious relationship, it will help you meet the perfect Ecuadorian woman.

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What are Ecuadorian Ladies Like?

What makes these women more attractive and different from their more modern and forthright counterparts in Peru is that they hold great values. When you meet an Ecuador woman, you will easily observe that they are more reserved when it comes to the 21st-century relationship scene.

They will take time to open up. It may take a few dates or rendezvous for them to trust you, but they will be polite from the very first conversation. Because of their values, humbleness, and down-to-earth personalities, Ecuadorian women are mostly interested in serious, committed relationships. 

If you are here to look for a fling or just sex, you might fail to see anything special in these women. But if you are looking for an ideal wife, then Quito may be the place for you to look.

Women in Ecuador are taught from childhood to keep their partners happy. They are raised with values that make them great housewives and mothers. 

However, in return, you also will need to give them affection and attention. While they are not going to throw any tantrums or become snobbish like the more sought-after Latinas, they will get hurt and become indifferent.

Meeting a Woman in Ecuador During the Daytime

Meeting women in the Ecuadorian capital is not easy. Being conservative and shy, they are less likely to approach you directly. Therefore, be ready to take initiative. This does not mean you need to go all macho. Just be confident (and not creepy), treat her as an equal, and with respect. This will woo her in that very moment.

But if you still wish to give Quito day game a try, head to the modern neighborhood of Mariscal. Situated at the center of this barrio is the hip Foch Plaza. The place is home to girls’ hostels, supermarkets, and malls. Whether you will meet a beautiful girl here or not is pure luck. You’ll very rarely walk past a tourist girl also.

Floresta is comparatively swankier. It has more upscale restaurants and malls. But, gameplay during the day hours is unlikely to achieve any success. You will either end up meeting unattractive women, flirting with someone else’s girlfriend, or with a daughter sauntering alongside her mother.

The best tip to boost the success rate of your day game would be to walk instead of riding in a taxi. The more women you walk past or meet, the better you’ll have a chance at getting to know someone beautiful and perfect.

Plaza Grande is another place where you can try your luck at finding your ideal woman in the daylight. Here is a list of locations that will be your best bets:

  • Mall El Jardín
  • Centro Comercial CCI
  • Centro Comercial El Recreo
  • El Condado Shopping
  • Quicentro
  • Quicentro Sur

Meeting Ecuadorian Girls at Nightclubs 

ecuador nightlife

Quito may not be as good at dating or nightlife culture as Guayaquil, but you may still have a chance at finding that dream girl in Mariscal District. As mentioned before, this neighborhood is modern and it reflects in its singles nightlife also. There are pick-up bars and date night spots in the region.

Best Bar to Meet Someone

These pickup points are excellent places to sit back and indulge in some seater pre-game. Your best bet will be the ex-pat bar called Finn McCool’s Irish Pub. You will see more rush on weekdays as compared to quieter nights on Sundays. But you will see more cute girls during weekends. So, increase your chances to meet a charming Ecuadorian female by clubbing from end-week through weekends.

finn mccools quito ecuador

Cheap Bars and Nightclubs 

If an ex-pat bar is not your bag, head to the more high-profile bars lined on Joaquin Pinto Street. Without risking more money, you can check out your options at Bungalow 6 and Indie Beer Bar where the entrance costs $5. In Bungalow 6, there are private rooms where you can hook up. 

But note that it is a common place where tourists come to hang out. This means that you will find plenty of girls who are just down for a one-night stand and are not looking for anything serious. You should also expect prostitutes to hunt for gringos to make money. 

Medium Priced Bars and Nightclubs

If you are ready to take a more expensive risk, you can head to the Cumbayá parish of Quito. The place has a bar named ShotMe. It is a full rush after 10 pm and the entrance costs $10. Make sure to reach the bar early lest you will spend the night standing outside the door, waiting to get inside. 

However, this is the place you have better chances of finding attractive Ecuadorian women to date. Make sure you are dressed to impress or the girls here will spurn you in a jiffy.

Expensive Bars and Nightclubs

There are urbane nightclubs lined on Gonzalez Suarez Street. If you don’t mind splurging moderately in the hope to find hot Ecuadorian women, then go for clubs like Lion Dance Club, Casino S.A., and La Bipolar. Expect entrance fees to be around $15, inflated alcohol prices, and the less touristy crowd. Because of the high price, the rush will also be less, meaning you might feel a little exposed.

la bipolar quito

Dress up in semi-formals to get an entry into these ritzy clubs. It also works well when you are out to impress a fine female. Ecuadorian women love to dress nice, so you want to match their energy. Do not confuse this with them dressing in revealing clothing. They dress nice, but conservative.

Online Dating in Ecuador’s Quito City

Being a foreign man in Ecuador can cause language and cultural barriers. There are many dating customs that you might sidestep. And while Quito is not the most dangerous city, it isn’t completely safe either. 

There are many girls who are interested in dating foreign men. To make sure you safely approach them, you can try the most popular Ecuadorian dating app, Latin American Cupid.

Online dating is not just safer but also speeds up the entire process. Both you and the girl that catches your eye will be well aware of each other’s intentions. In case, you were just exploring options, online dating will prove extremely efficient.

It is also effective if you wish to meet a girl before visiting the city. This way you will also be able to go on dates the very first nights in town.

Dating Tips to Impress Ecuadorian Women

When you are from a different country, speak a different language, and follow different cultures, wooing a woman in Quito can feel pressurizing, not to mention challenging also. Here is a guide that will help you be at your best when searching for a partner in the city.

If you want a success story then check out Corey and Evelin on 90 Day Fiance!

Take Initiative

Dating an Ecuadorian woman will need you to approach her confidently. Do not wait for the girl to take the initiative because most likely she won’t. As mentioned above, these women are modest and refrain from putting themselves out, especially for foreign men.

Treat Her as An Equal

Remember that taking the initiative does not mean that it will be okay if you force your idea of dates on her. She might want to take it slow, and there is no faster way of losing a Quito woman than to rush things into physicality.

Say No to Swashbuckling

The women in Ecuador, including Quito, have faced discrimination and gender inequality under a rigid patriarchal society. Trying to act like a dominating male, being macho, or being vainly flamboyant will earn you rejection and nothing more. Make sure to treat her right and respect her pride, and you should have won her over.

Be Bold

Although modest and humble, the women here are feisty when it comes to taking a stand of what they believe in. A conversation on idealism will only make them yawn and you, repulsive. Instead of trying to be liberal, speak your mind confidently, even if it is controversial. It might even get you ahead of the competition because these women are tired of far-left notions.

Appeal to Her Intellect

Females in Ecuador are educated and like their men to be intellectuals. If you impress her with your thoughts and ideas, things will move in a favorable direction.

Appreciate Her

The Ecuadorian women are known to be amiable and pampering home-makers. Appreciate her but do not overburden her with expectations or feel entitled.

Women’s Rights in Ecuador

In contemporary times, women in Ecuador enjoy equal rights and opportunities with men across public, private, and family life, with specific attention to civil, political, social, and economic rights. However, despite these legal provisions, women’s rights in Ecuador are still a challenging issue, with discrimination, exclusion, and violence persisting in various forms. The country has made strides with 91.7% of its legal frameworks promoting, enforcing, and monitoring gender equality, focusing on violence against women.

The advancement of women’s rights in Ecuador continues to be a gradual process. Initiatives from various organizations and the government aim to combat gender inequality and empower women. For instance, political parties in Ecuador have been working to unite men and women in the pursuit of gender equality, with support from international agencies like USAID and local foundations (IFES). Nevertheless, there is an acknowledgment that further efforts are required to address the emergency situation of women’s rights that existed even before the pandemic, as noted by civic organizations.


Quito may not prove fruitful for all men, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Just don’t waste too much time here. Follow these tips and you should be able to pull a date for yourself with a beautiful, hot, and intelligent Ecuadorian girl.

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