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Words Mexicans Can’t Say

by Sean
words mexicans can't say

Ay caramba! Mexico is a land full of flavor, from its spicy cuisine to its vibrant language. But let’s face it: There are words Mexicans can’t say. Some words and sounds even experienced Mexicans struggle with! Whether it’s the iconic “r” trill that leaves them tongue-tied, or words that seem tailor-made for them to trip them up, some words just plain cause frustration! In this article, we’ll take an amusing look at these problematic phrases, discover why they make Mexicans sweat, explore why those linguistic struggles occur, and celebrate some unique aspects of Mexican language and culture – get ready to laugh because this journey promises some wild rides!

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Why Can’t Spanish Speakers Pronounce Some English Words?

Spanish is the second-most spoken language worldwide and known for its beautiful sounds and elegant pronunciation. Even fluent speakers of this language sometimes struggle with certain words that defy our best efforts at pronunciation – whether due to regional dialects, consonant clusters, or borrowed phrases from other languages. Mispronunciations can be both humorous and frustrating for those trying to communicate effectively in Spanish.

One common mispronunciation among Spanish speakers is the trill of the “r” sound, which can be difficult for non-native speakers to master. Many learners struggle with producing this distinctive rolling r sound and often substitute it with a guttural or flat one which makes them stand out in conversation.

Another common mispronunciation involves certain consonant clusters, such as “star” (s” and t”) in words like “instituto” (institute). Many Spanish speakers tend to insert an additional vowel sound between these two consonants, leading to a distorted and often incorrect pronunciation.

Spanish borrows many words from other languages, such as English, French and Italian. Although these loanwords add diversity and richness to the Spanish lexicon, they may pose a challenge to native Spanish speakers who may struggle to adapt to the new sounds and pronunciations.

Mispronouncing words is an inevitable part of language learning and can even be endearing or charming in certain contexts. However, it’s essential to remember that effective communication involves more than perfect pronunciation; any effort made when communicating in another language will always be appreciated.

List of Specific English Words Spanish Speakers Can’t Pronounce

  1. Comfortable (ˈkʌmf.tə.bəl)
  2. Literature (ˈlɪɾɚɹətʃɚ)
  3. Literally (ˈlɪtəɹəli)
  4. Daughter (ˈdɔ.t̬ɚ)
  5. Anxiety (ˌæŋˈzaɪ.ə.ti)
  6. Schedule (ˈskɛdʒuəl)
  7. Focus (ˈfoʊ.kəs)
  8. Disinterested (dɪˈsɪnt(ə)ɹɛstɪd)
  9. Jewelry (ˈdʒuːəlɹi)
  10. Choir (kwaɪɚ)
  11. Strengthen (ˈstɹɛnθən)
  12. Architecture (ˈɑɹkɪtɛkt͡ʃɚ)
  13. Temperature (ˈtɛm.pəɹˌt͡ʃɚ)
  14. Through (θɹu) / Throughout (θɹuˈaʊt)
  15. Wednesday (ˈwɛnzdeɪ)


In conclusion, Spanish is an intricate system of communication with many subtleties and nuances. Mexican Spanish in particular has unique expressions and idioms that reflect its vibrant culture and heritage. Though some Mexicans find pronouncing certain words and sound difficult, it’s essential to remember that language is constantly developing and adapting according to its users’ needs. Some Mexicans may find it difficult to pronounce certain words, but this is simply a reflection of the natural variations that occur in any language. With patience, practice, and a sense of humor, we can continue to appreciate the beautiful diversity that makes up the Spanish language – its quirks as well as its opportunities.

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